Spirit Compendium

Continued Content

Creations (Entities):
-Daughter (Sophia, Creation Embodiment)
-Mother (Lady of Light, Love Embodiment, Eternal)
-Children (Eternals, Elders, Embodiments)
-Guardians (The Guardians of Existence)
-Original Humans (Spaceship Faring Explorers)
-True Angels (Most Trusted of Original Humans)
-Sentient Spaceships (First Humans Home Ships)

Creations (Realms):
-Prime Creation
-Heavenly Realms (True Heavens, Angelic Realms)
-Towers (Portals to other Realms & Universes)
-Prison Realms (Lowest Realms of The Hells) “CC”
-Throne Realms

Appearances of Father: (Most Common)
-Masculine Humanoid made of white light
-Masculine Humanoid made of celestial light
-Tall Human with royale appearance, long hair, and beard

Note: Father can take any form he wishes. Anything he can envision he can take the appearance of.

Note: Father becomes aggressive when there is immediate and direct harm to those he cherishes. From Unconditionally loving father to unrelenting enforcer when provoked.